Research on Interlayer Alloys for Transient Liquid Phase Diffusion Bonding of Single Crystal Nickel Base Superalloy DD6


Transient Liquid Phase Diffusion bonding (TLP bonding) is an effective method to achieve excellent joint of DD6, which is a new generation single crystal superalloy to manufacture aero-engine turbine blades. In this paper, the interlayer alloys for DD6 TLP bonding were designed. The alloy foils with thickness 40 μm ~ 60 μm, width 4 mm were prepared by using a single roller rapid solidification apparatus and the TLP bonding of DD6 was conducted. Then the joint microstructure and alloying elements diffusion behaviors were analyzed. The results indicate that microstructures of interlayer alloys prepared are fine and homogeneous, the melting point range of alloys from 1070°C to 1074°C and their melting temperature interval is merely 20°C, when the chemical composition of alloys are 1.5 ~ 2.0Cr, 3.2 ~ 4.0W, 3.7 ~ 4.5Co, 2.2 ~ 3.0Al, 0.7 ~ 1.0Mo, 3.2B, remain Ni (wt%). When the welding parameters are bonding temperature 1200?C, holding time 8.0 hour and welding pressure 0.3 MPa, the compacted joints obtained and the microstructure of TLP bonding seams were similar to base metal. The bonding joint is composed of weld center zone, isothermal solidification zone and diffusion-affected zone. Within joint, the elements diffusion is sufficient and borides in the diffusion zone are fewer.

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Zhai, Q. , Xu, J. , Lu, T. and Xu, Y. (2014) Research on Interlayer Alloys for Transient Liquid Phase Diffusion Bonding of Single Crystal Nickel Base Superalloy DD6. Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, 2, 12-19. doi: 10.4236/msce.2014.29002.

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