Tandem Mirror Experiment for Basic Fusion Science


Research on controlled nuclear fusion has been largely concentrated on plasma confinement using toroidal magnetic fields. Toroidal systems are complex. A simpler magnetic confinement system may provide a valuable platform for understanding fusion plasmas. The linear mirror machine has delivered good performance with the potential of giving a direct conversion of nuclear energy into electric power. The GAMMA-10 (G-10) linear mirror confinement system at Tsukuba University demonstrated the principle of the direct conversion of plasma energy into electric power on a small scale from the exhaust plasma in the exterior divertor chamber. The tokamak fusion system has to prove that the 10 to 15 MA of plasma current can be sustained continuously with acceptable efficiency. Plasma confinement is due to the magnetic field from the plasma current in tokamaks. There is room for creative new solutions in the magnetic confinement of fusion plasmas, and consideration is given for the alternative approach of using a linear machine with high magnetic mirror fields and the direct conversion of the high temperature escaping plasma to electric power.

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Horton, W. , Alvarado, I. , Fu, X. and Bekemishev, A. (2014) Tandem Mirror Experiment for Basic Fusion Science. World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 4, 53-58. doi: 10.4236/wjnst.2014.42009.

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