Scaling and Orbits for an Isotropic Metric


Conventional interpretation of the Einstein Equation has inconsistencies and contradictions, such as gravitational fields without energy, objects crossing event-horizons, objects exceeding the speed of light, and inconsistency in scaling the speed of light and its factors. An isotropic metric resolves such problems by attributing energy to the gravitational field, in the Einstein Equation. This paper discusses symmetries of an isotropic metric, including scaling of physical quantities, the Lorentz transformation, covariant derivatives, and stress-energy tensors, and transitivity of this scaling between inertial reference frames. Force, charge, Plancks constant, and the fine structure constant remain invariant under isotropic gravitational scaling. Gravitational scattering, orbital period, and precession distinguish between isotropic and Schwarzschild metrics. An isotropic metric accommodates quantum mechanics and improves models of black-holes.

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J. Rudmin, "Scaling and Orbits for an Isotropic Metric," Journal of Modern Physics, Vol. 4 No. 8A, 2013, pp. 1-6. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2013.48A001.

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