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Assessment of LLLT systemic effects on thyroid hormones function after dental titanium implant installation: An experimental rabbit model

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This study aimed to assess the systemic effect of LLLT on thyroid gland functioning and consequently on calcium regulation through Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4) measurements in rabbits’ serum. A total of thirty two New Zealand male rabbits were randomly distributed in four groups with eight animals each: control group C (nonirradiated animals), group EI (5 J/cm2 per session), group EII (10 J/cm2 per session) and group EIII (20 J/cm2 per session). All animals underwent lower left incisor extraction followed by immediate insertion of an osseintegrated implant, providing an equality of initial clinical condition between the groups. The experimental groups were irradiated with aluminium gallium arsenide diode laser (GaAlAs, λ = 830 nm, 50 mW, CW), during 13 days at each 48 hours, totalizing 7 sessions. Laboratorial T3 and T4 measurements were done in four distinct moments (before surgical procedure, immediately after surgical procedure, after the first LLLT session and after the last LLLT session) in all animals. The results obtained showed statistically significant differences in Triiodothyronine values between the groups throughout the experiment. It was concluded that the LLLT, in the protocol of irradiation used in this study, promoted a significantly alteration on rabbits’ serum hormonal levels.

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Mayer, L. , Gomes, F. , Baraldi, C. , Weber, J. and Oliveira, M. (2013) Assessment of LLLT systemic effects on thyroid hormones function after dental titanium implant installation: An experimental rabbit model. Natural Science, 5, 933-940. doi: 10.4236/ns.2013.58113.


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