Evaluation of phytophthora root rot-resistant Capsicum annuum accessions for resistance to phytophthora foliar blight and phytophthora stem blight


A mixture of six Georgia isolates of Phytophthora capsici (Leon.), the causal agent of phytophthora blight, were used for greenhouse mass screening of over 700 accessions of Capsicum annuum for both stem blight and foliar blight. From this screening, it was determined that resistance to both forms of the disease were relatively common in the germplasm, but resistance to one form of the disease was not strongly correlated to resistance to the other form. Ten accessions previously shown to possess root rot resistance were tested for resistance to stem rot and leaf blight, and were found to also be highly resistant to these forms of the disease. It appears that single accessions have resistance to foliar, stem and root rot caused by P. capsici, which may simplify breeding for resistance to all three forms of the disease.

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Candole, B. , Conner, P. and Ji, P. (2012) Evaluation of phytophthora root rot-resistant Capsicum annuum accessions for resistance to phytophthora foliar blight and phytophthora stem blight. Agricultural Sciences, 3, 732-737. doi: 10.4236/as.2012.35088.

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