Journal of Water Resource and Protection

Volume 10, Issue 5 (May 2018)

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Conversion of Potato Peel Waste to Single Cell Protein by an Acidophilic Fungus

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The aim of this research was to convert potato peel waste (PPW) to single cell protein (SCP), and to extract valuable phenolic compounds from the spent medium. PPW is an abundant by-product of potato processing industry, consisting mostly of starch, fibre and protein in a form of watery sludge. The PPW from a chip manufacturing plant was pre-treated with sulphuric acid, and used as a substrate for an acidophilic Scytalidium acidophilum fungus under non-aseptic conditions. The produced SCP had a promising amino acid composition to be used in animal feed. Phenolic compounds were not recovered from the spent medium, most likely due to the low pH in the medium. The present findings suggest that PPW is a suitable raw material for acidophilic SCP production, whilst the extraction of phenolic acids would require milder cultivation conditions or separation before pre-treatments of SCP production. The BOD5 of the PPW was reduced by in 98% due to fungal cultivation. Thus the feed production also served as an efficient means for reduction of organic load in the PPW.

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Taskila, S. , Ahokas, M. , Sotaniemi, V. , Mäki, M. , Malinen, H. , Jaakkola, M. , Virpiranta, H. and Tanskanen, J. (2018) Conversion of Potato Peel Waste to Single Cell Protein by an Acidophilic Fungus. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 10, 522-532. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2018.105028.

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