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Volume 7, Issue 1 (March 2017)

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Analysis of the Riding Posture of Bicyclists and Influence Parameters on the Helmet Use

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In the scope of COST Action TU1101 a field study of the use of bicycle helmets was carried out and different seating positions of the human body on the cycle were analyzed from photos to identify the vertical vision limit due to the helmet geometry of the cyclists when riding a bicycle. It could be interesting to know if different helmet postures will influence the resulting head impact and head injury situation and which influence parameters are responsible for the decision of the cyclist to use or not to use a helmet. For the study helmet users are compared with non-helmet users, distinguished for different bicycle types. For this purpose a total of 1565 cyclists with and without helmets were photographed and relevant geometrical values such as the angle between seat and handle bar, the decline of the torso or the head posture and the angle of the vertical vision limit were established from the photo analysis. A significant variation of the sitting posture of the cyclist could be seen in field which is influenced by the bicycle type and the age group of the cyclist riding the bike. Even the helmet users showed slight differences in the head posture compared to non-helmet users.

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