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Volume 4, Issue 2 (April 2015)

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Apoptosis and Skeletal Muscle in Aging

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Apoptosis is highly considered as a possible mechanism in the aging process of skeletal muscle. Age-related apoptosis pathways in aging skeletal muscle are several, and apoptotic stimuli considered as initiators could be of various type, such as calcium, TNF-α and oxidative stress. In the last decade, scientific research has focused on some topics in order to establish an appropriate life- style improving the homeostasis of muscle tissue in aging. Physical exercise seems to improve cellular antioxidant defense especially when associated with a good quality of nutrition, thanks to some nutrients, such as carotenoids and oleic acid that have antioxidant properties. A combination of physical exercise, caloric restriction and diet seems to be best strategy to attenuate apoptotic pathways that lead to the loss of skeletal muscle in aging, with all consequence on the physical well-being of the elderly.

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Musumeci, G. , Imbesi, R. , Szychlinska, M. and Castrogiovanni, P. (2015) Apoptosis and Skeletal Muscle in Aging. Open Journal of Apoptosis, 4, 41-46. doi: 10.4236/ojapo.2015.42004.

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