Dr. Ying Guo

ICT Centre

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia

Senior Research Scientist



2001  Ph.D.,  The Australian National University, Australia

1996  M.S., the Northwestern Polytechnic University, China

1994  B.S., the Northwestern Polytechnic University,. China

Publications (selected)

  1. Y. Guo, J. Wall, J. Li, S. West, A Machine Learning Approach for Fault Detection in Multi-variable Systems, ATES in conjunction with Tenth Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS) AAMAS 2011, Taipei, Taiwan, May 2011.
  2. D. Dehestani, S. Su, Y. Guo, H. Nguyen, S. Ling, Intelligent Fault Detection and Isolation of HVAC System Based on Online Support Vector Machine, 3rd International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing (ICMLC 2011), Singapore, February 26-28, 2011
  3. J. Wall, Y. Guo, J. Li and S. West, “A Dynamic Machine Learning-based Technique for Automated Fault Detection in HVAC Systems”, ASHRAE Annual Conference, June 25-29, 2011, Montreal.
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