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Dr. Liang (Frank) Wang

Invensas Corporation, USA

Sr. Manager of R&D Engineering

Email: frkwang@gmail.com

2005 Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin
1999 M.S.,  Nanjing University

1996 B.S.,  Nanjing University

Publications (selected)

  1. Liang Wang, Charles G. Woychik, Guilian Gao, Grant Villavicencio, Scott McGrath, Hong Shen, Eric Tosaya, Sitaram Arkalgud, Challenges of Scalable 2.5D IC Assembly, Journal of Microelectronics and Electronic packaging (Accepted for publication in issue 3 of 2015).
  2. Liang Wang, Gabe Guevara, Grant Villavicencio, Roseann Alatorre, Hala Shaba, Rey Co, Eric Tosaya, High-brightness LEDs of big chip size on multi-layer interconnects with optimized thermal dissipation and optical performance, Proceedings of 47th International Symposium on Microelectronics, October 13-16, 2014
  3. Liang Wang, Gabe Guevara, Hala Shaba, Roseann Alatorre, Rey Co, Ron Zhang, Wafer level LED packaging with optimal light output and thermal dissipation for high-brightness lighting, IEEE 64th Electronic Components and Technology Conference, pp.215-220 (2014)
  4. Charles G. Woychik, Liang Wang, Sitaram Arkalgud, Guilian Gao, Andrew Cao, Hong Shen, Laura Mirkarimi, Eric Tosaya, Scalable approaches for 2.5D IC assembly, Chip Scale Review, Volume 18, Number 4, 20-24 (2014)
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  6. James S Swensen, Liang Wang, Evgueni Polikarpov, James E. Rainbolt, Phillip K. Koech, Lelia Cosimbescu and Asanga B.Padmaperuma, Near independence of OLED operating voltage on transport layer thickness, Synthetic Metals,  163, 29– 32 (2013)
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