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Dr. Christer Jansson

Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab. (LBNL)

Program Lead, Bioenergy, Earth Sciences Div. (LBNL)

Senior Staff Scientist

Email: cgjansson@lbl.gov


Postdoctoral training, Michigan State University, Mol. Microbiology.

Ph.D., Lund University, Sweden, Biochemistry.

B.Sc., Lund University, Sweden, Biochemistry/Microbiology.

Selected Publications

  1. Zhang, M.-Z., Fang, J.-H., Yan, X., Bao, J.-S., Fransson, G., Andersson, R., Jansson, C., Åman, P., and Sun, C. (2012) Molecular insights into how a deficiency of amylose affects carbon allocation – carbohydrate and oil analyses and gene expression profiling in the seeds of a rice waxy mutant. BMC Plant Biol. 12:230, doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-230.
  2. Hu, P., Borglin, S., Kamennaya, N.A., Chen, L., Park, H., Mahoney, L., Kijac, A., Shan, G., Chavarría, K.L., Zhang, C., Quinn, N.W.T., Wemmer, D., Holman, H.-Y., and Jansson, C. (2012) Metabolic phenotyping of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis 6803 engineered for production of alkanes and free fatty acids. Applied Energy 102, 850-859.
  3. Kamennaya, N. A., Ajo-Fanklin, C., Northen, T., and Jansson, C. (2012) Cyanobacteria as biocatalysts for carbonate mineralization. Minerals 2, 338-364.
  4. Jansson, C. (2011) Employing cyanobacteria for biofuel synthesis and CCS. In: Solar Energy (Radu, R. ed.), InTech, pp 367-378.
  5. Jansson, C. (2011) Metabolic engineering of cyanobacteria for direct conversion of CO2 to hydrocarbon biofuels. Progress in Botany 73, 81-93.

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