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Dr. Negoescu Florin

Faculty of Machine Manufacturing & Industrial Management

Technical University of Iaşi, Romania

Associate Professor

Email: negoescu@tcm.tuiasi.ro


2005  Ph.D., Technical University of Iaşi,Industrial Engineering

1999  M.Sc., Technical University of Iaşi, Metal Surface Finishing Technology

1998  B.Sc., Technical University of Iaşi, Machine Manufacturing Technology

Publications (Selected)

  1. Santos, F., San-Juan, M., Martín, Ó., López, R., Sánchez, A., Negoescu, F. (2011), Study of the Variation of Mechanical Properties and Cutting Forces as an Effect of Machinability Improvement, International Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technologies, 3, 2, 97-104.
  2. López, R., San-Juan, M., Santos, F., Negoescu, F. (2011), Temperature surface measurement on bone drilling operation with high speed video-termographic –camera, Proceedings of 15th International Conference Modern Technologies, Quality and Innovation - Modtech 2011, 581-584
  3. Iosub, A., Axinte, E., Negoescu, F. (2010), A Study about micro-drilling by electrical discharge method of an Al/SiC hybrid composite, International Journal of Academic Research (IJAR), 2, 3, 6-12.
  4. Negoescu, F., Axinte, E., Nagit, Gh., Iosub, A. (2009), Innovative Solutions Creates Environmental Advantages, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 8, 5, 1191-1197.
  5. Negoescu, F., Axinte, E., Iosub, A., Nagit, Gh. (2009), Study About the Influences of the Geometrical Parameters of Corrugated Diaphragms on the Equivalent Stresses, Metalurgia International, 14, 11, 52-55.
  6. Iosub A., Nagît Gh., Negoescu, F. (2008), Plasma Cutting of Composite Materials, International Journal of Material Forming, Suppl 1, 1347–1350.
  7. Santos, F., San Juan, M., López, R., Negoescu, F. (2008), Trazabilidad y determinación de incertidumbre de medida del desgaste de flanco de una plaquita de corte, Anales de Ingenieria Mecanica - Revista de la Asociación Española de Ingeniería Mecánica, XVII Congreso Nacional de Ingeniería Mecánica de España, 575-585.
  8. Negoescu, F., Iosub, I., Axinte, E., and Santos Martin, F. (2008), Optimal Design of Nonferrous Corrugated Diaphragms, Annals of DAAAM for 2008 & Proceedings of the 19th International DAAAM Symposium "Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation: Focus on Next Generation of Intelligent Systems and Solutions", 14, 11, 963.
  9. Negoescu, F., Nagît, Gh., Santos, F. and Iosub, A. (2008), Aspects Concerning Deformation of the Material to the Corrugated Diaphragms Manufacture, Bulletin of the Polytechnic Institute of Iasi, Section Machine Manufacturing, Tomul LIV (LVIII), Fasc. 1, 269;
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