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Prof. Marco Ceccarelli

Laboratory of Robotics and Mechatronicsfellow

University of Cassino and South Latium,Italy

Email: ceccarelli@unicas.it

Research fields

Analysis and Design of Workspace and Manipulation

Mechanical Design of Manipulator

Legged Robots

Grippers and Hands

Mechanics of Grasp

History of TMM

Mechanism Design


1987 Ph.D., Mech. Eng., Engineer degree, University ‘La Sapienza ‘ of Rome, Italy

1982 Mech. Engineer degree, University ‘La Sapienza ‘ of Rome, Italy

Publications (Selected)

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Profile Details

Marco Ceccarelli was born in Rome in 1958. He received the mechanical engineer degree cum laude in 1982 at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. At the same University he received a Ph.D. degree in Applied Mechanics in 1988. In 1987 he was visiting scholar at Stanford University, U.S.A., and in 1990 he received a CNR-NATO annual grant as visiting professor at the Technical University of Valencia, Spain. Since 1990 he teaches courses on Mechanics of Machinery and Mechanisms, and Mechanics of Robots at the School of Engineering at the University of Cassino. Since 1996 he is Director of LARM, the Laboratory of Robotics and Mechatronics at the University of Cassino and South Latium. Since 2001 he is Full Professor of Mechanics of Machinery and Mechanisms at Cassino University. From 2003 to 2005 he has been Vice Director of DiMSAT Department. His research interests cover aspects of Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (TMM) and Mechanics of Robots. Specific subjects of his interest are Analysis and Design of Workspace and Manipulation; Mechanical Design of Manipulators, Legged Robots; Grippers and Hands; Mechanics of Grasp; History of TMM; and Mechanism Design. He is author or co-author of more than six hundreds papers, which have been presented at Conferences or published in national and international journals.

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