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Prof. Christopher C. Bissell

Department of Computing and Communications

Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology

The Open University, UK

Email: chris.bissell@open.ac.uk

Research fields

History and philosophy of technology

History of telecommunications

History of automatic control

Mathematical modelling


1993 Ph.D., The Open University, UK

1974 B.A., Cambridge University, UK

Publications (Selected)

  1. (Book) History of control engineering in Russia and the German speaking areas, Springer, forthcoming, 2015.
  2. Ramage, Magnus and Bissell, Christopher (2015).Cyberneticists at war and peace: wrestling with ethical dilemmas of information.In: The Difference That Makes a Difference (DTMD 2015), 5 June 2015, Vienna University of Technology, Austria (forthcoming).
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