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Dr. Avner Ben-Zaken

Ono College, Israel

Email: benzaken@post.harvard.edu

1998-2004  Ph.D., History of Science, University of California, USA

1991-1996  BA and MA, Middle Eastern History, The Hebrew University, Palestine

Publications (Selected)
  1. “Cross-Cultural History: Difficulties and Possibilities”, Cultural History Journal, forthcoming January 2013.
  2. “From Universal Values to Cultural Practices”, Mapping the Jewish World: 1929 (ed.) Hasia Diner (New York University Press, 2013).
  3. “Shakespeare in Jerusalem: on Magic, Science and Theater”, Haaretz Magazine, Nov. 15, 2012.
  4. “ Traveling with Picatrix: on the Cultural Liminalities of Magic and Science” forthcoming in a special issue of Quaderni Storici, 2013, Ed. Antonella Romano.
  5. “Amatus Luzitanus and his intellectual Quarrels”, forthcoming in a special Issue of Journal of Jewish History, 2013. Ed. Anthony Molho.
  6. “Placing Uranus in Geocentric Cosmology: the Liminalities of the Copernican Revoultion”, co-writing with Daniel Stolz, (in progress)
  7. “If I am to Myself, then What Am I?”,Kivunim Hadashim (New Directions), Tel-Aviv, Dec. 2011. (Hebrew).
  8. “The Revolving Planets and the Revolving Clocks: Circulating Mechanical Objects in the Mediterranean”, History of Science,xlix (2011).
  9. “Bridging Networks of Trust: Sixteenth Century Jewish Astronomers of Salonika in between Europe and Islam”, Journal of Jewish History,Vol. 23 no.4, 2009.
  10. “From Naples to Goa and Back: A Secretive Galilean Messenger and A Radical Neapolitan Hermeneutist” History of Science, xlvii (2009).
  11. “The Heavens of the Sky and the Heavens of the Heart: The Islamic Cultural Context for the Introduction of Copernicanism”, The British Journal for History of Science, 37:1, March 2004.
  12. “Recent Currents in the Study of Ottoman-Egypt Historiography, with Remarks about the Role of the History of Natural Philosophy and Science”, Journal of Semitic Studies, XLIX/2, Autumn 2004.
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  1. ReadingHayyIbn-Yaqzan: Cross-Cultural History ofAutodiadactism (Johns Hopkins University Press: 2010).
  2. Cross-Cultural Scientific Exchanges in the Eastern Mediterranean 1560-1660. (Johns Hopkins University Press: 2011).
  3. Communism as Cultural Imperialism: The Affinities between Eretz-Israeli Communism and Arab Communism 1919-1948, (Tel-Aviv:Resling, 2006).
  4. A World History of Science (Johns Hopkins University Press) Under Advanced Contract. Forthcoming 2014.

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