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Dr. Fariba Hashemi

Applied Economics Research, Switzerland

Email: Fariba.Hashemi@i-aer.org


Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles, Economics

M.Sc., University of California at Los Angeles, Economics

B.Sc., University of Southern California at Los Angeles, Economics

Publications (Selected)

  1. Spatio-Temporal Patterns for a Generalized Innovation Diffusion Model, Theoretical Economics Letters, Hashemi, Hongler, Gallay (2012).
  2. Industry Dynamics in Biotechnology, Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology, Hashemi (2012).
  3. Stochastic Convergence in Regional Economic Activity, Journal of Mathematical Finance, Hashemi (2011).
  4. Dynamics of Income Distribution - A Diffusion Analysis, Theoretical Economics Letters, Hashemi (2011).
  5. On a Theme by Williamson: A Stochastic Model for the Evolution of Global Labor Markets, Modern Economy, Hashemi (2011).
  6. A Dynamic Model for the Size Distribution of Firms Applied to the U.S. Biotechnology and Trucking Industries, Journal of Small Business Economics, Hashemi (2003).
  7. A Dynamic Model for the Cross-Sectional Distribution of Unemployment Rates, Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, Hashemi (2002).
  8. A Dynamic Model of the Size Distribution of Firms, UCLA Department of Economics Archived papers, Hashemi (2001).
  9. An Evolutionary Model of Size Distribution of Firms, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Hashemi (2000).

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