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Dr. Chunlei Guo

The Institute of Optics

University of Rochester, Rochester, USA


Email: guo@optics.rochester.edu


1999–2001 Postdoc, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Materials Sciences

1996–1999 Ph.D., University of Connecticut, AMO Physics

1990–1994 B.S., Changchun Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Optical Physics

Publications (selected)

  1. T.Y. Hwang andC. Guo, “Femtosecond laser-induced blazed periodic grooves on metals”, Opt. Lett.36, 2575 (2011).
  2. A.Y. Vorobyev and C. Guo , “Making superwetting human enamel and dentin surfaces for enhanced adhesion”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 193703 (2011).
  3. A. Y. Vorobyev and C. Guo, “Brighter light sources from black metal: significant increase in emission efficiency of incandescent light sources”, Phys. Rev. Lett.102, 234301 (2009).
  4. Y. Vorobyev and C. Guo, “Metal pumps liquid uphill”, Appl. Phys. Lett.94, 224102 (2009).
  5. Y. Vorobyev and C. Guo, “Colorizing metals with femtosecond laser pulses “, Appl. Phys. Lett.92, 041914 (2008).
  6. M. Heins and C. Guo, “High stability breakdown of noble gases with femtosecond laser pulses”, Opt. Lett. 37, 599 (2012).
  7. L. Pei and C. Guo, “Nonsequential double ionization of triatomic molecules in strong laser fields”, Phys. Rev. A (Rapid Comm.)82, 021401(R) (2010).
  8. M. Storm, A.A. Solodov, J.F. Myatt, D.D. Meyerhofer,P.M. Nilson, T.C. Sangster, W. Theobald, and C. Guo, “High-current, relativistic, electron-beam transport studies in metals using high-resolution, coherent transition radiation imaging, Phys. Rev. Lett.102, 235004 (2009).
  9. A.Y. Vorobyev, A.N. Topkov, V.A. Svich,C. Guo, “ Towards the THz metamaterial”, Appl. Phys. Lett.95, 121106 (2009).
  10. J. Wu, H. Zeng, and C. Guo, “Comparison study of atomic and molecular single ionization in the multiphoton ionization regime”, Phys. Rev. Lett.96, 243002 (2006).

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