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Prof. Paul Brace

Department of Political Science

Rice University, USA

Clarence Carter Chair and Professor

Email: pbrace@rice.edu


1982 Ph.D., Michigan State University

1979 M.A., Michigan State University

1976 B.S., University of Oregon

Publications (selected)

  1. "The Effects of Case Selection, Judge Ideology, and Institutional Structure in Tort Litigation in State Supreme Courts." With Jeffrey Yates and Brent Boyea. Law and Society Review, Forthcoming.
  2. "State Supreme Courts, State Constitutions, and Civil Litigation," Albany Law Review 2010 73(4): 1441-1458.
  3. "Assessing the Impact of State Judicial Structures on Citizen Litigiousness." With Jeffrey Yates and Holley Tankersley. Political Research Quarterly December 2010 63: 796-810.
  4. "State Public Opinion, the Death Penalty and the Practice of Electing Judges." With Brent Boyea. Vol. 52, No. 2, April 2008, American Journal of Political Science.
  5. "The Business of State Supreme Courts, Revisited." Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. With Herbert M. Kritzer, Melinda Gann Hall and Brent Boyea. Vol. 4, Issue 2, July 2007: 427-439.
  6. "State Governments, Health Uninsurance, and the Choice of Policy Tools." With Charles Barrilleaux. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, (2007).
  7. "Reply to ‘The Measurement and Stability of State Citizen Ideology'." With Kevin Arceneaux, Martin Johnson and Stacy Ulbig. State Politics and Policy Quarterly, (2007).
  8. "Rejoinder" to Berry, Ringquist, Fording and Hanson. Political Research Quarterly. September 2006.
  9. "The Other Face of Judicial Power." With Laura Langer. Policy Studies Journal (2005), Vol. 33, 3: 317-340.
  10. "Environmental Regulation and Dynamic Representation in the American States." with Kevin Arcenaux and Martin Johnson, Social Science Quarterly, (2005) Vol. 86, No. 1, March: 87-108.

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