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Prof. Joseph Yu-shek Cheng

Political Science

City University of Hong Kong, China

Chair Professor

Email: rcccrc@cityu.edu.hk


1979 Ph.D., Flinders University of South Australia

1973 B.A. (Hon.), Victoria University of Wellington

1972 B.Soc.Sci. (Hon.), University of Hong Kong

Publications (selected)

  1. CHENG, J Y S, "China's Response to the 'Jasmine Revolution'", Europe's World, n.a. (n.a.), 16 June 2011, pp. 1-3.
  2. CHENG, J Y S, "The Evolution of Entrepreneurs' Social Networks in China: Patterns and Significance", Journal of Contemporary China, 19(67), 1 November 2010, pp. 891-911, (Co-author: Cheng Ma, Shenzhen University).
  3. CHENG, J Y S, "Maintaining the Political Status Quo? Hong Kong's Legislative Council Elections, September 2008", Issues and Studies, 46(4), 1 December 2010, pp. 181-216.
  4. CHENG, J Y S, "Power, Transparancy and Control: Hong Kong People's Adaptation to life", International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, 24(2), 2011, pp. 163-177.
  5. CHENG, J Y S, "The Role of Migrant Labour in China's Labour Policy", The Journal of Comparative Asian Development, 9(2), 1 December 2010, pp. 347-368.
  6. CHENG, J Y S, "Sino-Vietnamese Relations in the Early Twenty-first Century: Economics in Command?", Asian Survey, 51(2), 1 March 2011, pp. 379-405.
  7. CHENG, J Y S, "The Survival and Developement Space for China's Labor NGOs: Informal Politics and Its Uncertainty", Asian Survey, 50(6), 1 December 2010, pp. 1082-1106.

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