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Dr. Pedram Hamrah

Harvard Medical School, USA

Email: edram_hamrah@meei.harvard.edu


2008 Certification (Program in Clinical Effectiveness), Harvard School of Public Health
1999 Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), University of Cologne, School of Medicine
1992 Certified Computer, Science Assistant in Software Engineering, B.I.B International College

1990 High School Diploma, Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium, Bensberg

Publications (Selected )

  1. Dana MR, Qian Y, Hamrah P. Twenty-Five Year Panorama of Corneal Immunology: Emerging Concepts in the Immunopathogenesis of Microbial Keratitis, Peripheral Ulcerative Keratitis, and Corneal Transplant Rejection.Cornea, 2000; 19: 625-643.
  2. Liu Y,*Hamrah P,*Zhang Q, Taylor AW, Dana MR. Draining Lymph Nodes of Corneal Transplant Hosts Exhibit Evidence for Donor Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) class II-positive Dendritic Cells Derived from MHC class II-negative Grafts.J Exp Med, 2002; 195: 259-268(*co-first Author).
  3. Hamrah P, Zhang Q, Liu Y, Dana MR. Novel Characterization of MHC class II-negative Population of Resident Corneal Langerhans Cell-type Dendritic Cells.Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 2002; 43: 639-646.
  4. Qian Y, Hamrah P, Boisgérault F, Yamagami S, Vora S, Benichou G, Dana MR. Mechanisms of Immunotherapeutic Intervention by Anti-CD154 (CD40L) Antibody in High-Risk Corneal Transplantation.J Interferon Cytokine Res, 2002; 22: 1217-1225.
  5. Hamrah P, Liu Y, Zhang Q, Dana MR. The Corneal Stroma is Endowed with Significant Numbers of Resident Dendritic Cells.Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 2003; 44: 581-589.
  6. Hamrah P, Chen L, Zhang Q, Dana MR. Novel Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth factor Receptor (VEGFR)-3 and VEGF-C on Dendritic Cells in the Cornea.Am J Pathol, 2003; 163: 57-68.
  7. Gockel I, Lord RV, Bremner CG, Crookes PF, Hamrah P, DeMeester TR. The Hypertensive Lower Esophageal Sphincter: A Motility Disorder With Manometric Features of Outflow Obstruction.J Gastrointest Surg, 2003;7:692-700.
  8. Hamrah P, Huq SO, Liu Y, Zhang Q, Dana MR. Corneal Immunity is Mediated by Heterogeneous Population of Antigen-Presenting Cells.J Leukoc Biol,2003; 74:172-178.
  9. Hamrah P, Liu Y, Zhang Q, Dana MR. Alterations in Corneal Stromal Dendritic Cell Phenotype and Distribution in Inflammation.Arch Ophthalmol,2003; 121: 1132-1140.
  10. Chen L, Hamrah P, Cursiefen C, Zhang Q, Jackson DG, Streilein JW, Dana MR.Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-3 mediates induction of corneal alloimmunity.Nat Med, 2004; 10: 813-815.
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  12. Yamagami S, Hamrah P, Dekaris I, Miyamoto K, Miyazaki D, Dawson T, Lu B, Gerard C, Dana MR. The CCR5 Chemokine Receptor Mediates Corneal Langerhans Cell Recruitment. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 2005; 46: 1201-1207.
  13. Yamagami S, Hamrah P, Zhang Q, Liu Y, Huq S, Dana MR. Early Ocular Chemokine Gene Expression and Leukocyte Infiltration after High-risk Corneal Transplantation. Mol Vis. 2005; 11: 632-640.
  14. Cursiefen C, Chen L, Saint-Geniez M, Hamrah P, Jin Y, Rashid S, Pytowski B, Persaud K, Wu Y, Streilein JW, Dana R. Nonvascular VEGFR-3-Expression by Corneal Epithelium Maintains Avascularity and Vision. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2006; 103: 11405-11410.
  15. Hamrah P, Yamagami S, Liu Y, Zhang Q, Vora SS, Lu B, Gerard CJ, Dana MR. Deletion of the Chemokine Receptor CCR1 Prolongs Corneal Allograft Survival.Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2007; 48: 1228-1236.
  16. Jin Y, Chen LL, Chong EV, Hamrah P, Chen L, Dana MR. The chemokine receptor CCR7 mediates corneal antigen presenting cell trafficking.Mol Vis. 2007; 13: 626-634.
  17. Chen L, Hamrah P, Cursiefen C, Zhang Q, Pytowski B, Streilein JW, Dana MR. Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-3 mediates induction of corneal alloimmunity.Ocul Immunol Inflamm. 2007; 15: 275-278.
  18. Dastjerdi MH, Al-Arfaj KM, Nallasamy N, Hamrah P, Jurkunas UV, Pineda II R, Pavan Langston D, Dana R. Topical Bevacizumab in the Treatment of Corneal Neovascularization: Results of a Prospective, Open-label, Non-comparative Pilot Study.Arch Ophthalmol. 2009; 127: 381-389.
  19. Hamrah P, Haskova Z, Taylor AW, Zhang Q, Ksander BR, Dana MR. Local treatment with alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone reduces corneal allorejection.Transplantation. 2009; 88: 180-187.
  20. Dastjerdi MH, Hamrah P, Dana R. High-frequency Topical Cyclosporine 0.05% in the Treatment of Severe Dry Eye Refractory to Twice-daily Regimen.Cornea. 2009; 28: 1091-1096.

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