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Dr. L. Stephen Kwok

HCF Eyecare, Australia

Email: kwokdoc@hotmail.com


1986  Ph.D., Corneal Biophysics and Physiology, University of New South Wales

1980  Bachelor of Optometry with Honours (BOptom),  University of New South Wales

1976  Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (BE), University of New South Wales

Publications (Selected)

  1. Kwok, L.S. Reactions to the Hwang scandal. Science 2006; 311 :606-608.
  2. Kwok, L.S., Pierscionek, B.K., Bullimore, M., et al. Orthokeratology for myopic children: wolf in sheep’s clothing? Clinical Exp. Ophthalmol. 2005; 33: 343-347.
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  8. Kwok, L.S. and Klyce, S.D. Physiological effects of tert-butyl hydroperoxide on the rabbit corneal epithelium. CLAO J. 1992; 18: 97-100.
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