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Dr. Zhe Zhang

Zhejiang University, China

Email: zhezhang@zju.edu.cn


2001  Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

1996  B.Sc., Shandong University, China

Publications (selected)

  1. Xuai Lin, Aihua Sun, Ping Ruan, Zhe Zhang, Jie Yan. Characterization of Conserved Combined T and B Cell Epitopes in Leptospira interrogans Major Outer Membrane Proteins OmpL1 and LipL41. BMC Microbiol. 2011, Jan 26; 11(1): 21.
  2. Zhe Zhang, Thomas B. Clarke, and Jeffrey N. Weiser. Cellular effectors mediating Th17-dependent clearance of pneumococcal colonization in mice. J Clin Invest, 2009, 119: 1899-1909. *Science News (ScienceDaily, June 17, 2009): Clearing pneumococcal bacteria from the upper airways.
  3. Zhe Zhang, William Reenstra, Daniel J. Weiner, Jean-Pierre Louboutin, and James M. Wilson. The p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway is coupled to Toll-like receptor 5 to mediate gene regulation in response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in human airway epithelial cells. Infect Immun, 2007, 75: 5985-5992.
  4. Zhe Zhang, Jean-Pierre Louboutin, Daniel J. Weiner, Joanna B. Goldberg, and James M. Wilson. Human airway epithelial cells sense Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection via recognition of flagellin by Toll-like receptor 5. Infect Immun, 2005, 73: 7151-7160.
  5. Wen-Bo Zhang, Zhe Zhang (co-first author), Yan-Xiang Ni, Ya-Lan Wu and Gang Pei. A novel function of Goα: mediation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase activation by opioid receptors in neural cells. J Neurochem, 2003, 86: 1213-1222.
  6. Xiaorong Wang, Zhe Zhang, Jean-Pierre Louboutin, Christian Moser, Daniel J. Weiner, and James M. Wilson. Airway epithelia regulate expression of human β-defensin 2 through toll-like receptor 2. FASEB J, 2003, 17: 1727-1729.
  7. Zhu-Bin Lei, Zhe Zhang, Qing Jing, Yong-Wen Qin, Gang Pei, Beng-Zhen Cao, Xiao-Yan Li. OxLDL upregulates CXCR2 expression in monocytes via scavenger receptors and activation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase. Cardiovascular Research, 2002, 53: 524–532.
  8. Zhe Zhang, Shun-Mei Xin, Guo-Xiang Wu, Wen-Bo Zhang, Lan Ma, and Gang Pei. Endogenous δ-opioid and ORL1 receptors couple to NG108-15 cells and this is regulated by protein kinase A and protein kinase C. J Neurochem, 1999, 73: 1502-1509.
  9. Li-Guang Lou, Zhe Zhang (co-first author), Lan Ma, and Gang Pei. Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ activates mitogen-activated protein kinase in Chinese hamster ovary cells expressing opioid receptor-like receptor. J Neurochem, 1998, 70: 1316-1322.
  10. Guo-huang Fan, Jing Zhao, Ya-Lan Wu, Li-Guang Lou, Zhe Zhang, Qing Jing, Lan Ma, and Gang Pei. N-methyl-D-aspartate attenuates opioid receptor-mediated G protein activation and this process involves protein kinase C. Molecular Pharmacology, 1998, 53: 684–690.
  11. Zhi-Jie Cheng, Guo-Huang Fan, Jian Zhao, Zhe Zhang, Ya-Lan Wu, Li-Zhen Jiang, Ye Zhu, Gang Pei, and Lan Ma. Endogenous opioid receptor-like receptor in human neuroblastoma SK-N-SH cells: activation inhibitory G protein and homologous desensitization. NeuroReport, 1997, 8: 1913-1918.