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Prof. Ruan Da

Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, Belgium

Email: druan@sckcen.be


Ph.D., Ghent University, Belgium

M.Sc., Leuven University, Belgium

B.Sc., Fudan University, China

Publications (Selected)

  1. L. Zou, D. Ruan, Z. Pei, Y. Xu, A linguistic-valued lattice implication algebra approach for risk analysis, Journal of Multiple Valued Logic and Soft Comuting, minor revision
  2. Y. Xu, J. Liu, D. Ruan, X. Li, Determination of a-resolution in lattice-valued first-order logic LF(X), Information Sciences, accepted and in press 2010
  3. D. Ruan, J. Lu, E. Laes, G. Zhang,, J. Ma, G. Meskens, Multi-criteria group decision support with linguistic variables in long-term scenarios for Belgian energy policy, Journal of Universal Computer Science (Acceptance date: 7 January 2010)
  4. Ö. Kabak, D. Ruan, A cumulative belief degree-based approach for missing values in nuclear safeguards evaluation, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2010 (in press)
  5. Y. Shen, E. Hermans, D. Ruan, G. Wets, Tom Brijs, K. Vanhoof. Evaluating trauma management performance inEurope. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. Accepted 2010
  6. G. Büyüközkan, D. Ruan, Choquet integral based aggregation approach to software development risk assesment, Information Sciences, to appear 2010
  7. Y. Shen, T. Li, E. Hermans, D. Ruan, G. Wets, K. Vanhoof, T. Brijs, A hybrid system of neural networks and rough sets for road safety performance indicators, Soft Computing, to appear (2010)
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  25. T. Li, D. Ruan, G. Wets, J. Song, Y. Xu, A rough sets based characteristic relation approach for dynamic attribute generalization in data mining, Knowledge Based Systems, 20 (5), 485-494, 2007

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