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Dr. Stephen Ellwood Satchell

Sydney University, Australia

Email: ses999gb@yahoo.co.uk


1976 Ph.D., University of London

1972 M.A., University of Sydney

1965 B.A., University of New South Wales

Publications (Selected)

  1. Financial Competence and Expectations Formation: Evidence from Australia, (with H. Bateman, C. Eckert, J. Louviere, and S. Thorp), Economic Record, Vol. 88, No. 280, pp. 39-63, March 2012.
  2. Unsmoothing Real Estate Returns: A Regime-Switching Approach, (with C. Lizieri and W. Wongwachara) forthcoming in Real Estate Economics. 40(4).
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  5. Stability Conditions for Heteroscedastic Factor Models with Conditionally Autoregressive Betas, (with G. Christodoulakis), in the Journal of Time Series Analysis, DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9892.2010.00706.x, Article first published online: 10 January, 2011.
  6. Social Welfare Issues of Financial Literacy and Their Implications for Regulation, (with O. Williams), in Journal of Regulatory Economics, Online first: 21 April, 2011.
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