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Webgis-Based Telecommunication Resour ce
Management Auxiliary Wiring System
Jin LUO1,2, XiaoFang ZU1,3, Guo CHEN2
1Faculty of Inform ati o n e n gi n eering , China University of Geos ci ences, Hubei Wuhan, Chin a
S Co., Ltd, Hubei Wuhan, China
3Faculty of Information engineering, Wuhan Sciences University, south branch, Hubei, Wuhan
Abstract: This paper introduces the necessity and sup erior ity of auxiliary wiring WEBGIS, as well as system
implementation difficulties and countermeasures. Then explained the general concept of auxiliary wiring
systems, data interface response, and finally introduced the system wiring switchover function, and gave an
Keywords: WEBGIS, ancillary wiring systems, flow chart
1. Introduction
According to China Telecom overall planning, the exist-
ing machine-line resources in the 97systems will gradu-
ally transfer to the existing pipeline resource manage-
ment system (ie, China Telecom Network Resource Man-
agement System) for unified management of resources
and processes so as to achieve the separation of resource
and process. The involved machine-line resources also
need the auxiliary wiring capabilities to be integrated
into the existing pip e line resource management system.
As Internet technology continuous development, the
demand for GIS is growing. Using Internet and Web to
publish spatial data, provid e spatial data browsing, query
and analysis functions has been the inevitable trend of
GIS development. The current WEBGIS technology with
cross-platform, low development and application man-
agement costs and extensive space characteristics, will
provide effective measures for auxiliary wiring of pipe-
line resources. This paper introduces wire resource aux-
iliary wiring realization measures and process based on
2. System Design Thought
To facilitate syste m extensive application in near feature,
system design intended to follow Microsoft, NET De-
velopment and Web Application System's three-tier ar-
chitecture ----presentation layer, logic layer and data
layer. To realize automatic wiring and auxiliary wiring
functions by combining GIS network resource spatial
and graph data. Online business SOCKET + XML data
will be obtained through 97 system and interact by the
interface server and WEBGIS application service.
Figure 1. System physical structure chart
3. Design Difficulties and Countermeasures
3.1. WEBGIS Auxiliary Wiring Design Difficulty
is as Follows
1) To ach ieve the basic GIS operations and analysis in
the WEB page
2) Can quickly and easily access and configure the re-
source management system of China Telecom (Profes-
sional GIS) (C / S mode) in the resource data by the
WEB; it can interact with large-scale heterogeneous 97
databases; it can realize real-time access to their online
business resource occupation situation, because the wir-
ing to be related to the occupied information modifica-
tion of auxiliary wiring
3) 97 systems, professional GIS and WEBGIS has
high demand in system stability, accuracy and response
time, especially in 97 systems, as it is the telecommuni-
cations company's online operation system for its busi-
ness and services which can’t tolerate slightest error.
To solve these problems, the auxiliary wiring systems
based on WEBGIS from W u han Zondy TS CO., Ltd .
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Table 1. MAPGIS_IMS6.7 list of common used components
Component name Function descripti on
MpViewCom.dll Map display, zoom in and out, Coordinate transformation, etc in WEBGIS
MpMapCom.dll Realize project load, work area state, project query, etc.
MpAreaCom.dll Achieve information management and query of point, line, p o l ygon and net
MpAppCom.dll Provide GIS application functions, map clip, buffer of point, line and polygon, project transfor-
mation, distance and area measures, etc.
MpNetOperCom.dll Provide network operation and analysis function, including network path analysis, optimize
path, shortest path, path query, ending query, etc.
MpKitCom Provide file type co n v ersion, code typ e c onversion file, upload, packet, etc.
Figure 2. 97 system flow chart
new INTERENT distributed WEBGIS platform (MAP-
GIS-IMS) is selected.
MAPGIS-IMS based on Internet network, uses multi-
tier architecture and integrates several distributed object
technology (CORBA, DCOM, JAVA) to build and pub-
lish GIS which provides fast and integrated solutions.
MPGIS-IMS provides series of COM module such as,
spatial data management, map display, project manage-
ment, work zone management, query and analysis to
facilitate and also to establish various GIS ap-
plication solutions through WEB[4].The common func-
tion components are shown as Table 1.
3.2. Data Interface Countermeasures
97 databases require timely and strong stability. To
achieve heterogeneous database real-time interaction, an
appropriate method is throu gh the widely used SOCKET
+ XML complying with certain norms for data transmis-
sion. To run the original 97 normally without large modi-
fication, firstly, to copy all the data from resource man-
agement system from the original 97 such as, print work
orders, inquiries, interfaces, etc. Use redundant data to
ensure system function separately running. Finally, part
of system wiring 97 functions will be replaced by WEB-
GIS and other resources available are from professional
GIS. 97 system converts to open system and it’s respon-
sible for numbers and single-process management.
Remodel C # component through COM component
under VC and NET environment. By taking original
large number of C / S functions code to save a lot of re-
search and development time.
System technical framework diagram is as follows:
Figure 3. System technical fr am ework dia g ram
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4. System Functions [3]
From fully research telecommunication process, we can
see that the new WEBGIS auxiliary wiring is to realize
wiring and cutover management.
Wiring management needs to realize the following
functions, 1)Automatic with / DISCONNECT 2) artifi-
cial wiring 3) Integrated bulk wiring 4) wiring quality
sampling 5) Public single fill line, user line and path
query 6) wiring Log Inquiries and statistics 7) Line
These functions are not complex form technical level.
Primarily, workflow needs to meet business needs.
After preliminary test, W EBGIS based wiring aux iliary
can process these telecom business in WEB page, such as,
newly installed or mobile telephone, an inter-bureau
telephone, local telephone line, data lin e configuration. It
supports various wiring methods, such as auto-wiring,
manual wiring, alternate wiring and other wiring meth-
ods. It also support failure wiring returning and outdoor
surveying, transfer and ready to install, modification, etc.
It provides wiring quality sampling, fast and effective
line resource configuration functions.
Cutover management needs to achieve the following
main functions: 1) New cutover project 2) divide cutover
range 3) cutover close up 4) cutover notification 5) cut-
over and the allocation of resources 6) removing the
cutover 7) cutover completion.
By using GIS electric map, taking fully advantage of
graphical operation, system can handle cu tover oper ation
easily, establish cutover project, divide cutover area, cu-
tover circle, cutover resource allocation, cutover comple-
tion. These functions provide effective technical support
for telecom enterprise technology innovation, municipal
project, networ k con st ruct i o n and opti m i zat ion .
5. Applications
5.1. Manual Auxiliary Wiring
Through the GIS system and 97interface, automatically
extracting 97 systems manual wiring work orders. The
system automatically matches sub-Box, wiring cables
and other wiring information through the user address for
user. If there is not eligible information, user can use
manual intervention to match. At the same time, accord-
ing to actual situation, the user can carry out operation as,
to be installed, survey, focus operation, etc [4].
Inquiries junction box close to phone number,
and then match;
According to address fuzzy matching to find
sub-Box, and then matching;
Search the sub-Box within a specified radius,
and then matching;
According to region to find out the respective
transfer box, select the box to meet the requirements af-
ter handover, and then search the sub-Box within the
jurisdiction, and th en matching. After the success of wir-
ing sent to the 97, transfer to the next link.
Wiring suspicious or failure, choose re-allocation, or
transfer to be loaded links, extern al surv ey links or rewir-
ing or re-matching.
Manual auxiliary wiring process is shown as Table 2.
6. Conclusion
WEBGIS technology is the GIS systems and Internet
technology, combining the results. It has the following
1) thin client, a client-side burden on small.
2) No need to download software, image data of high
compression ratio and speed.
3) transfer raster data, well data security.
4) client relationship between response speed and the
amount of data is small, response time constant, suitable
for public viewing.
5)well extension and compatibility, support WAP Search.
With the growing WEBGIS applications, GIS tech-
nology is more popular than before. Practice has proved
that China Telecom's 97 aircraft WEBGIS in line recon-
struction project to address the ancillary wiring
Table 2. Manual auxiliary wiring process
Function structure Function process
Extract work order Receive information, batch match wiring work order
Wiring Receive wiring work order, access user matching transfer box and sub-box,
query main cables and terminal wiring cables information, arbitrarily select
spare state line, l astly, batch wiring and send back wiring results .
Match sub-box close to phone number Extract close phone number, query matching sub-box
Match sub-box according to address information Extract user address, fuzzy matching and query sub-box according to ad-
dress inform ati on
search the sub-Box within a specified radius Search geographic center, query sub-box according to query radius
search the sub-Box within the jurisdiction Take junction box code, then query sub-box according to junction box
jurisdiction area
Matching box Conditional query junction box
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Figure 4. Functional Flow Chart
graphic which provides scientific and effective technical
supports, and it provides references for telecommunica-
tions resources integration and other telecommunications
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