Dr. Li Heng

Dr. Li Heng is a 5th generation practitioner from a Traditional Chinese Medicine family with 160 years’ history. Dr. Li graduated with a medical bachelor degree from the Department of Clinical Chinese Medicine, Xinjiang Medical University in 1997. He obtained his medical master and doctorate degrees in 2000 and 2008, respectively, both at the College of Acupuncture and Tuina, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Li is an associate professor at the China International Acupuncture Training Center, Shanghai University of TCM. As the assistant director of the Center, he took charge of the teaching of International Acupuncture Training Courses from 2000 to 2014. As the reformer of international TCM education, Dr. Li had established the standardized training courses according to the ISO requirements. His related research project won the third prize of Shanghai Educational Scientific Research Achievements in 2011.

Dr. Li has been teaching more than 2,000 international students various TCM subjects in English since 2000. Invited by foreign governments, universities, and associations, he has been teaching or joining academic exchange in countries such as Thailand,the USA, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, France, the UK, and Australia.

Dr. Li followed Professor Li Ding to practice TCM in Shanghai Municipal Clinic since 1998, and then practiced independently. He has provided treatment more than 30,000 times to his Chinese and international patients. Meanwhile, he has published 20 TCM research articles and publications in China and also abroad.

As the first Traditional Chinese Medicine instructor, Dr. Li currently is teaching TCM credit courses in the first TCM Confucius Institute in the Americas, the Confucius Institute of Augusta University, Georgia, USA.

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