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  • 476pp. Published January 2020
  • Scientific Research Publishing,Inc.,USA
  • Category: Social Sciences & Humanities
  • ISBN: 978-1-61896-775-6
  • (Paperback) USD 79.00
  • ISBN: 978-1-61896-776-3
  • (E-Book) USD 19.00

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I Ching: An Annotation
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I Ching is a well-known ancient Chinese philosophical work and is also an only philosophical work in the world which studies how things operate, change and develop with symbols as its tenet. Based on the dualism of yin and yang, it classifies the properties of Heaven and Earth and all created things by virtue of images. And it divides all the laws existing in nature into sixty-four parts. Fuhsi summed up the theories of the Eight Trigrams by observing the phenomena of astronomy, geography and human affairs. Likewise, based on the Eight Trigrams, King Wen continued to make each trigram overlap with the other (including with itself) and advance the theories of the Sixty-four Hexagrams by observing the phenomena of astronomy, geography and human affairs. Later, Chou Kung (Duke of Chou) continued to replenish and refine the book and Confucius and many other scholars continued to improve and polish it as a complete philosophical work. Besides, Yen Emperor’s Lien Shan and Yellow Emperor’s Kuei Ts’ang failed to be passed on to the subsequent generations.
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I Ching Vol. 1 (463 KB)
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  • I Ching Vol. 1
  • I Ching Vol. 2
  • I Ching Vol. 3
  • I Ching Vol. 4
  • I Ching Vol. 5
  • I Ching Vol. 6
  • I Ching Vol. 7
  • I Ching Vol. 8
  • I Ching Vol. 9
  • I Ching Vol. 10
  • I Ching Vol. 11
  • I Ching Vol. 12
  • I Ching Vol. 13
Readership: Readers who are interested in the studies of ancient Chinese culture and philosophy will find this book useful.
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