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  • 326pp. Published July 2018
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Advances in Clean Coal Energy
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Clean coal technology is a collection of technologies being developed to attempt to help lessen the environmental impact of coal energy generation and to mitigate worldwide climate change. When coal is used as a fuel source, the gaseous emissions generated by the thermal decomposition of the coal include sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), mercury, and other chemical byproducts that vary depending on the type of the coal being used. These emissions have been established to have a negative impact on the environment and human health, contributing to acid rain, lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. As a result, clean coal technologies are being developed to remove or reduce pollutant emissions to the atmosphere. Some of the techniques that would be used to accomplish this include chemically washing minerals and impurities from the coal, gasification (see also IGCC), improved technology for treating flue gases to remove pollutants to increasingly stringent levels and at higher efficiency, carbon capture and storage technologies to capture the carbon dioxide from the flue gas and dewatering lower rank coals (brown coals) to improve the calorific value, and thus the efficiency of the conversion into electricity. Concerns exist regarding the economic viability of these technologies and the timeframe of delivery, potentially high hidden economic costs in terms of social and environmental damage, and the costs and viability of disposing of removed carbon and other toxic matter.

In the present book, twelve typical literatures about clean coal energy published on international authoritative journals were selected to introduce the worldwide newest progress, which contains reviews or original researches on clean coal and health, clean coal and the environment, energy development, Fossil fuels, and renewable sources, etc. We hope this book can demonstrate advances in clean coal energy as well as give references to the researchers, students and other related people.

Components of the Book:
  • Chapter 1
    Demineralization mechanism and influence of parameters on high ash Indian coal by chemical leaching of acid and alkali solution
  • Chapter 2
    Evolving coal-fired power plant carbon dioxide emission rate intensities on U.S. electricity operating systems
  • Chapter 3
    Use coal or invest in renewables: a real options analysis of energy investments in the Philippines
  • Chapter 4
    Studies on mercury occurrence in inorganic constituents of Polish coking coals
  • Chapter 5
    Life cycle assessment of heat production from underground coal gasification
  • Chapter 6
    Infrastructure-based localisation of automated coal mining equipment
  • Chapter 7
    Recovery of coal particles from a tailing dam for environmental protection and economical beneficiations
  • Chapter 8
    Analysis of High Temperature Steam Oxidation of Superheater Steels Used in Coal Fired Boilers
  • Chapter 9
    Chemometric Modelling of Experimental Data on Co-gasification of Bituminous Coal and Biomass to Hydrogen-Rich Gas
  • Chapter 10
    Processes in informal end-processing of e-waste generated from personal computers in Vietnam
  • Chapter 11
    Increase in fertility following coal and oil power plant retirements in California
  • Chapter 12
    Management of coal processing wastes: studies on an alternate technology for control of sulfate and chloride discharge
Readership: Students, academics, teachers and other people attending or interested in clean coal energy.
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