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  • 277pp. Published March 2017
  • Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.,USA.
  • Category: Social Sciences & Humanities
  • ISBN: 978-1-61896-366-6
  • (Paperback) USD 69.00
  • ISBN: 978-1-61896-367-3
  • (E-Book) USD 19.00

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New Paraphrase of Chuang Tzu
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Chuang Tzu is the second greatest classical work of Taoist thought and philosophy in China. It has had great influence both on China and on the rest of the world since it began to be disseminated. It is mostly written in the form of fable. All of the fables are written by traversing space-time to elucidate the Great Tao and the philosophy of life. It has shone, is shining and will shine on the development of the world with Taoist wisdom.

Chuang Tzu is always an indispensible guideline to the people who are confused. As we know, the rich material world cannot change the poor spiritual world. The pursuit for material life is like a shackle, which makes it impossible for people to find a final and stable home to return to. People are deeply involved in the construction of material life without stop, but they can hardly find where their real happiness is in their lives. Faced with this universal problem, the Western society turns to Jesus for a solution while the oriental society turns to Chuang Tzu’s “leisurely and care- free” philosophy for a solution. Just like Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu always reminds people to find for themselves the root of moral character—nature and return to it. If people do not return to the root, they will lose their real happiness of life.

To taste life better, people should read Chuang Tzu; to become leisurely and carefree, people should read Chuang Tzu. Chuang Tzu can help people broaden their horizon and learn how to look at their life from a higher standing point and find real happiness for themselves. This work, though named New Paraphrase of Chuang Tzu, is actually an English version of Chuang Tzu. It is just aimed to set up a bridge between English readers and Chuang Tzu.

Sample Chapter(s)
Transcendent Bliss (109 KB)
Components of the Book:
  • Internal Chapter 1 Transcendent Bliss
  • Internal Chapter 2 On the Equality of All Created Things
  • Internal Chapter 3 Caring for Nature, the Subject of Life
  • Internal Chapter 4 The Way of the Human World
  • Internal Chapter 5 The Mark of Adequate Moral Integrity
  • Internal Chapter 6 The Grand Master
  • Internal Chapter 7 Replies to Monarch
  • External Chapter 8 Syndactylism and Extra Finger
  • External Chapter 9 Horse Hoof
  • External Chapter 10 Ransacking Boxes and Chests
  • External Chapter 11 Freedom and Tolerance
  • External Chapter 12 Heaven and Earth
  • External Chapter 13 The Way of Heaven
  • External Chapter 14 The Operation of Heaven
  • External Chapter 15 Restraining One’s Own Will
  • External Chapter 16 Maintenance of Human Nature
  • External Chapter 17 The Rising Tide in Autumn
  • External Chapter 18 The Utmost Happiness
  • External Chapter 19 Knowing the Essence of Life
  • External Chapter 20 A Big Tree on the Mountain
  • External Chapter 21 T’ien Tzufang
  • External Chapter 22 Wisdom Traveling to the North
  • Miscellaneous Chapter 23 Kengsang Ch’u
  • Miscellaneous Chapter 24 Hsü Wukuei
  • Miscellaneous Chapter 25 Tse Yang
  • Miscellaneous Chapter 26 External Things
  • Miscellaneous Chapter 27 Fables
  • Miscellaneous Chapter 28 Handing over the Throne
  • Miscellaneous Chapter 29 Tao Chih
  • Miscellaneous Chapter 30 A Tale of Swordsmanship
  • Miscellaneous Chapter 31 An Old Fisherman
  • Miscellaneous Chapter 32 Lieh Yük’ou
  • Miscellaneous Chapter 33 On the Schools of Thought All over China
Readership: Readers interested in Chinese ancient culture, philosophy and thought.
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