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The China-Africa Relations: Between the Development Cooperation and Economic Diplomacy

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A spectacular ascent having made it possible to move from a continental economy to external influences to one of the greatest trading powers of the world, China has, in a few years debunked all the dogmas that wanted an economy initially low can very easily gain access to economic supremacy. The reform of its economy, begun in 1978 under the impetus of the Government of Deng Xiaoping and later its accession to the World Trade Organization, allowed the gradual opening of the country to the international markets and generated phenomenal growth which occurred thereafter. However, relations between China and Africa date back to the years 1960. Very early on, China developed diplomatic contacts with these African countries. China has in fact supported the newly independent African countries and has actively participated in consolidating local liberation movements in logic of anti-colonization. In Africa, since the period of socialist regimes, China has Darcy its aid in the construction of industrial fabric in some African countries and the development of production plants. These contacts between China and the African countries have succeeded, over the course of the political regimes, in developing a partnership and a particularly strong bilateral relationship. China continues to carry out major construction projects in Africa. China provides non-cost-specific loans to African countries and in return, it receives raw materials for its needs. It floods African markets with products with dubious quality and at the same time responds to African emergencies. It is therefore indispensable for the African countries affected by Chinese character and China to analyse the consequences, both positive and negative for the growth and development of their respective countries.

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