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Performance Investigation of a Simple Reaction Water Turbine for Power Generation from Low Head Micro Hydro Resources

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Theoretical investigation has shown a simple reaction water turbine would perform better when it spins faster. And for the simple reaction turbine water turbine to spin faster under constant water head, its diameter should be smaller. This paper reports on a performance analysis based on the experimental data collected from different performance tests carried on two simple reaction water turbine prototypes. Two new designs of simple reaction water turbines and their manufacturing methods are reported. The two turbines under investigation have different rotor diameters Φ 0.243 m and Φ 0.122 m. In case of the simple reaction water turbine the water enters into the turbine axially and exits tangentially through nozzles located on the outer periphery of the turbine. Further this paper will discuss the performance characteristics of stationary turbine i.e. zero power produced and performance characteristics of turbine producing power. It was found that rotor diameter affects the maximum rotational speed of the simple reaction turbine for constant supply head. It was also found that faster the turbine spins its performance improves. The two turbines were tested between supply head range of 1 m to 4 m.

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A. Date, A. Date and A. Akbarzadeh, "Performance Investigation of a Simple Reaction Water Turbine for Power Generation from Low Head Micro Hydro Resources," Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, Vol. 3 No. 3, 2012, pp. 239-245. doi: 10.4236/sgre.2012.33033.

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