Prof. Aleksander Grytczuk

University of Zielona Góra and Jan Pawel II Western, Poland






1971 Ph.D., Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland


Publications (Selected)

  1. A. Grytczuk, I. Kurzydło, On a conjecture connected with the composition of σ(n) and φ(n), Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics 38 (2014), 217-223.
  2. A. Grytczuk, On some connections between virology and mathematics, Matematyka 2 74(2013), 14-17.
  3. A. Grytczuk, On the composition of the functions and on the set Z+5 (P*), Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics 19 1(2013), 14-18.
  4. A. Grytczuk, K. Grytczuk, On some appplication of the mathematical technics to virology, Asian Journal of Mathematics and Application 2013 (2013), 1-8.
  5. A. Grytczuk, Robin's Inequality for Sum of Divisors Function and the Riemann Hypothesis, Journal of Informatics and Mathematical Sciences 4 1(2012), 15-21.
  6. A. Grytczuk, An effective algorithm to private-key in the RSA cryptosystem, Vestn. Syktyvkar. Univ. Ser. 1, Mat. Mekh. Inform. 16 (2012), 79-87.
  7. A. Grytczuk, Ankeny, Artin and Chowla conjecture for even generators, Vestn.Syktyvkar.Univ.Ser.1, Mat.Mekh.Inform. 15 (2012), 89-94.
  8. A. Grytczuk, On the Diophatine equation x2 - dy2 = zn, Vestn. Syktyvkar. Univ. Ser. 1, Mat. Mekh. Inform. 13 (2011), 37-40.
  9. A. Grytczuk, Gauss' problem, negative Pell's equation and odd graphs, Advances in Pure Mathematics 1 (2011), 133-135.
  10. A. Grytczuk, I. Kurzydło, Note on the matrix Fermat's equation, Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics 17 2(2011), 4-11.


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