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The Association between Stress and Sexual Dysfunctionality in Men and Women: A Systematic Review

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Purpose: Sexuality and sexual functionality are considered as an important factor of physical and psychological health. Over the years, problems with sexual functionality have been related to stress. A systematic review of the articles concerning sexual dysfunctionality is presented in this article, with emphasis in the past five years in order to highlight new aspects and implications. Method: The study was based on relevant articles from the PubMed and Wiley online library, using the combination of keywords stress and sexual dysfunctionality, while excluding articles prior to 2010. Results: The analysis shows that the phenomenon is complex and multifactorial. Variables such as depression, PTSD, lifestyle, gender, personality and positive coping play a crucial role. Research findings also indicate that sexual dysfunctionality is often misdiagnosed and not immediately taken care of. Conclusion: The severity of the pathology regarding sexual dysfunctionality calls for immediate planning and coping. Finally future research directions are discussed.

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Galanakis, M. , Kallianta, M. , Katsira, C. , Liakopoulou, D. , Chrousos, P. and Darviri, C. (2015) The Association between Stress and Sexual Dysfunctionality in Men and Women: A Systematic Review. Psychology, 6, 1888-1892. doi: 10.4236/psych.2015.614186.


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