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Diagnosis Error: Carcinoma or Primary Breast Lymphoma? A Case Report and Literature Review

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Introduction: Breast involvement by non-Hodgkin lymphoma is particularly rare in women. We describe the case of a patient with a rapidly growing, nodule in the right breast. On ultrasonography, the nodule was suspicious for breast carcinoma. Case presentation: A breast biopsy from a 73-year-old Moroccan women answered invasive ductal carcinoma grade 3 from Elston and Ellis. Patey was performed. Microscopic examination showed lymphoid proliferation confirmed on immunohistochemical analysis. Our patient was treated with chemotherapy. Conclusions: The rarity of breast lymphomas, and the problems related to the diagnosis and therapeutic choices with these tumors require molecular techniques in association with classical histological diagnosis.

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El Fatemi, H., Souaf, I., El Jayi, S., Moumna, K., Melhouf, M., Sqali, N. and Amarti, A. (2013) Diagnosis Error: Carcinoma or Primary Breast Lymphoma? A Case Report and Literature Review. Advances in Breast Cancer Research, 2, 11-14. doi: 10.4236/abcr.2013.21003.


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