elopment of their negative emotions, and actively provide the corresponding help, in order to avoid serious consequences to which the accumulation of long-term negative emotions leads. Students who are in the middle of negative emotions for a long time should seek professional psychological consultants for help.

4.4. Cultivate Correct Way of Attribution

Incorrect attribution will lead to a wrong cognition of things. For example, when suffering from learning misery, if the study result is not ideal, the individual attributes the cause to their own IQ problems then tends not to take active measures while they are easier to abandon themselves instead. In the face of frustration, we should make them form the correct cognition, and make them understand that failure is a stepping stone to success. In the face of setbacks, attitude can also lead to different results. People should have a common mind to treat setbacks and have the courage to face setbacks and overcome them, then be a real powerhouse.

5. Conclusion

This article selects cadets the special group of negative emotions as the research object from the emotional to make us better understand the negative emotions of the existence and the impact to the people, combines the characteristics of military academy cadets and environment characteristics and analyzes the source of the cadet negative emotion and negative emotional damage. Finally for the cadet how to actively respond to negative emotions, we put forward some suggestions and countermeasures.

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