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Sarvazyan, A.P. (1998) Mechanical Imaging: A New Technology for Medical Diagnostics. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 49, 195-216.

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  • TITLE: Tactile Imaging Markers to Characterize Female Pelvic Floor Conditions

    AUTHORS: Heather van Raalte, Vladimir Egorov

    KEYWORDS: Biomechanics, Soft Tissue, Tactile Imaging, Prolapse, Tissue Elasticity, Elastography

    JOURNAL NAME: Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vol.5 No.9, August 26, 2015

    ABSTRACT: The Vaginal Tactile Imager (VTI) records pressure patterns from vaginal walls under an applied tissue deformation and during pelvic floor muscle contractions. The objective of this study is to validate tactile imaging and muscle contraction parameters (markers) sensitive to the female pelvic floor conditions. Twenty-two women with normal and prolapse conditions were examined by a vaginal tactile imaging probe. We identified 9 parameters which were sensitive to prolapse conditions (p p t-test with correlation factor r from -0.73 to -0.56). The list of parameters includes pressure, pressure gradient and dynamic pressure response during muscle contraction at identified locations. These parameters may be used for biomechanical characterization of female pelvic floor conditions to support an effective management of pelvic floor prolapse.