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Carbone KM, Luftig RB, Buckley MR. Microbial Triggers of Chronic Human Illness. Washington, DC, USA: American Academy of Microbiology, 2005

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  • TITLE: Xenogamy and Current Obesity Pandemics

    AUTHORS: Sergey N. Rumyantsev

    KEYWORDS: biodiversity, evolution, genetics, heterozygosity, leptin-receptor system

    JOURNAL NAME: Open Journal of Genetics, Vol.1 No.1, June 20, 2011

    ABSTRACT: This article unites the results from an integrative reconsideration of actual data about obesity from the viewpoint of recent developments in general pathology, epidemiology, immunology, genetics, and evolution. The focus is on the origin of genetic diversity in obesity manifestations on different levels of the disease. In contrast to the current paradigm of nutritive origin of obesity, the revealed set of evidences shows that the origin of obesity is based on either hereditary or post-infectious incongruence between the regulators of fat metabolism and their receptors. The incongruence may be created either by the destruction of receptors during infection or by genome mutations, which by natural selection, lead both to life-saving incongruence between the infectious agent and its receptor, and simultaneously, in evolution to a life-threatening obesogenic incongruence in the regulator-receptor interaction. The pandemic spread of obesity is induced by xenogamous intercourse between constitutionally incongruent ethnoses, which regulator-receptor evolution has processed at different epidemic conditions. The achieved results have allowed a replenish model for the molecular pathogenesis of obesity to explain the genetics of both obesity and its pandemic spread. The formerly maladroit issues of obesity origin, genetic, pathogenesis, and pandemic spread are transformed in an entire replenished system.