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Lin, X.H. (1989) Only Realized Mechanization of Tea-Leaf Picking, Can Tea Producing Industry Developed. Fu Jian Tea, 15, 4-7.

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  • TITLE: Developing Situations of Tea Plucking Machine

    AUTHORS: Yu Han, Hongru Xiao, Guangming Qin, Zhiyu Song, Wenqin Ding, Song Mei

    KEYWORDS: Tea Plucking Machine, Development, New Techniques, Suggestion

    JOURNAL NAME: Engineering, Vol.6 No.6, May 5, 2014

    ABSTRACT: To acquire the developing trend and ways of mechanization of tea plucking, with analyzing the developing backgrounds and situations of tea plucking machine both at home and abroad, this paper obtains the conclusion that there are several countries that have conducted a lot of studies on tea plucking machine, such as Japan, England, France, India, Australia and Argentina. Among others, Japan goes ahead, where lots of researches have been conducted in the highest developing level. The article also analyses the reason why China has a poor mechanization of tea plucking and points out existing problems. Finally, some advices and measures for developing Chinese domestic mechanization of tea plucking are given.