Our long term research interests are:

(1) Development of various novel methods in computational biology and biomedicine, such as PseAAC (pseudo amino acid composition), PseKNC ( pseudo oligonucleotide composition), predicting HIV protease cleavage sites, protein subcellular localization, membrane protein type, signal peptide, enzyme family classes and sub-classes, enzyme active sites, GPCR types, protease types, protein tight turns, protein quaternary attribute, protein folding rates, and protein structural classes.

(2) Prediction and modeling of drug-discovery-related proteins, such as GABA receptors, SARS coronavirus proteinase, apoptosis proteins, membrane ion-channels, G-protein-coupled receptors, adhesion proteins, growth hormones, tau protein kinases, GFAT (for diabetes), b-secretases (for Alzheimer disease), antifreeze proteins, dopmin receptors, as well as those targeted for finding drugs against various infectious diseases and CNS diseases.

(3) Introduction of physical conceptions to elucidate various marvelous dynamic mechanisms in biomacromolecules, such as allosteric transition, cooperativity effects, and intercalation between DNA and drugs.

(4) Development of graphical rules for studying enzyme kinetics and protein folding dynamics.

(5) Investigation of protein structural characters and revelation of their origin.

(6) Introduction of diagrammatic approach for condon usage analysis.

(7) Investigation of internal collective motion of biomacromolecules and its biological functions.

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