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Essentials of Drip Irrigation System for Saving Water and Nutrients to Plant Roots: As a Guide for Growers

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Many regions around the world are characterized by limited water resources, where the average annual per capita renewable water is about 1000 -1700 cubic meters. For instance, in china the problems of water supply are widely known globally. Though, China is facing main problem which is how to distribute water, instead of water shortage in itself. Therefore, restricted resources of water are increasingly stressed in the future by many factors such as excessive clouds of water, pollution and climate change. On the other hand, most studies have been indicated that the agricultural sector is one of the sectors that will face a large water deficit in the future due to the high demand for food, competition for water resources, drought and the high consumption of water due to the acquisition of traditional surface irrigation techniques. In spite of introduce modern irrigation methods such as drip irrigation in agriculture by developing irrigation methods and eliminating old traditional irrigation methods, however, its efficiency is related to the qualifying of farms and users of irrigation water, where they are the main users of irrigation water in water resources management. The considerable challenge facing agriculture is to raise irrigation efficiency depending on water-saving irrigation systems to provide water resources for crops. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to provide farmers with important points about using drip irrigation technology, to raise their technical level in using irrigation water, through their guidance to the best techniques and to avoid some common mistakes in design, utilization, management and maintenance of drip irrigation system.

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