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Study of External Characteristics of Hydraulic Electromagnetic Regenerative Shock Absorber

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According to the composition and the principle of the liquid-electric energy-sensing damper, the corresponding hydraulic regenerative model is designed. In this paper, an advanced type of shock absorber combined with the mechanical and electromagnetic hydraulic structure has been proposed that recycles the energy dissipated by shock absorber in the driving process. In addition, the damping characteristics of the conventional mechanical vehicle and the advanced hydraulic regenerative mechanical vehicle have been analyzed by using AMESim simulation. The regenerative suspension is reformed from the traditional hydraulic and pneumatic suspension. The suspension absorbs kinetic energy converts it into hydraulic potential and pneumatic power to be stored in the accumulator. The kinetic energy is then converted into electricity instead of heat by using the hydraulic suspension and Power-Generating Shock Absorber (PGSA). The AMESim simulation results have efficiently verified the displacement characteristics curves and flow rate of hydraulic fluid in the body. Finally the conversion of energy produced by advanced hydraulic regenerative mechanical vehicle transferred into electrical energy. The designed hydraulic shock absorber allows a significant fuel saving of 1.5% to 4% depending on the vehicle and driving conditions.

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Iqbal, M. , Wu, Z. , Xu, G. and Bukhari, S. (2019) Study of External Characteristics of Hydraulic Electromagnetic Regenerative Shock Absorber. World Journal of Engineering and Technology, 7, 520-535. doi: 10.4236/wjet.2019.73037.

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