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Availability, Performance and Reliability Evaluation for PV Distributed Generation

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Nowadays, renewable energy resources play an important role in replacing conventional energy resources such as fossil fuel by integrating solar, wind and geothermal energy. Photovoltaic energy is one of the very promising renewable energy resources which grew rapidly in the past few years, it can be used to produce electric energy through photovoltaic process. The primary objective of the research proposed in this paper is to facilitate the increasing penetration levels of PV systems in the electric distribution networks. In this work, the PV module electrical model is presented based on the mathematical equations and was implemented on MATLAB to simulate the non-linear characteristics I-V and P-V curves with variable input parameters which are irradiance and temperature based on Riyadh region. In addition, the reliability evaluation of distribution networks, including distributed generators of solar photovoltaic (PV) with varying output power capacity is presented also. The Monte Carlo simulation algorithm is applied to test the distribution network which is RBTS Bus 2 and the same has been conducted on the original case of distribution network substation 7029 which is located at KSA Riyadh. The two distribution networks have been modified to include the PV’s distributed generators. The distributed generators contribute to supply a part of the load during normal mode and supply the entire load during component failure or failure of grid operation supply. The PV stochastic models have been used to simulate the randomness of these resources. Moreover, the study shows that the implementation and integration of renewable resources as distributed generations have improved the reliability of the distribution networks.

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Al-Sefri, A. and Al-Shaalan, A. (2019) Availability, Performance and Reliability Evaluation for PV Distributed Generation. World Journal of Engineering and Technology, 7, 429-454. doi: 10.4236/wjet.2019.73032.

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