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    Special Issue on Psychotherapy



    Psychotherapy is a general term that is used to describe the process of treating psychological disorders and mental distress. It is a process focused on helping individual heals and learns more constructive ways to deal with the problems or issues within his/her life. It can also be a supportive process when going through a difficult period or under increased stress. Psychotherapy aims to increase the individual's sense of his/her own well-being.


    While many psychotherapists do use this classic type of talk therapy, there are actually a wide variety of techniques and practices used in psychotherapy. Some of the major approaches to psychotherapy include: psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic and so on. Psychotherapists employ a range of techniques based on experiential relationship building, dialogue, communication and behavior change.


    In this special issue, we intend to invite front-line researchers and authors to submit original research and review articles on exploring psychotherapy. The topics to be covered by this special issue include, but are not limited to:


    • Gestalt therapy
    • Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy
    • Dialectical behavior therapy
    • Interpersonal therapy
    • Psychodynamic therapy
    • Family therapy
    • Group therapy


    Authors should read over the journal’s Authors’ Guidelines carefully before submission. Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript through the journal’s Paper Submission System.


    Please kindly notice that the “Special Issue” under your manuscript title is supposed to be specified and the research field “Special Issue - Psychotherapy” should be chosen during your submission.


    According to the following timetable:


     Manuscript Due

    April 2nd, 2014

    Publication Date

    June 2014

    Guest Editor:

    Dr. Adital Ben-Ari

    University of Haifa, Israel


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