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     Special Issue on Meat and Meat Product


    Meat, mainly composed of water and protein, is a dominate energy and protein source for human and carnivores. Meat quality and meat safety are the most important indexes for evaluating meat. The qualities of meat including its composition, nutritional value, wholesomeness and consumer acceptability, are largely determined by the events and conditions encountered by the embryo, the live animal and the postmortem musculature. Unprocessed meat will spoil within hours or days caused by the practically unavoidable infection and subsequent decomposition of meat by bacteria and fungi, which are borne by the animal itself, by the people handling the meat, and by their implements, while cooked and seasoned or processed meat in a variety of ways could help to prevent spoilage and enhance flavors. As one of the most important food source and protein supply for human, meat and meat product are always of great interest to researchers.


    In this special issue, we intend to invite front-line researchers and authors to submit original research and review articles on exploring meat and meat product. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:


    • Meat nutritional composition
    • Effects of fatty acids on meat quality
    • Preservation technologies for fresh meat
    • Food packaging in meat industry
    • Red meat and colon cancer
    • Meat processing and meat product
    • Meat contamination and Meat safety



    Authors should read over the journal’s Authors’ Guidelines carefully before submission, Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript through the journal Paper Submission System.


    Please kindly notice that the Special Issue’’ under your manuscript title is supposed to be specified and the research field “Special Issue - Meat and Meat Product” should be chosen during your submission.


    According to the following timetable:


    Manuscript Due

    January 28th, 2014

    Publication Date

    April 2014


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    Dr. Serkan Selli

    University of Cukurova, Turkey


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