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    Special Issue on Albinism


    Albinism is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to absence or defect of tyrosinase, a copper-containing enzyme involved in the production of melanin. The reason of albimism belongs to inheritance of recessive gene alleles and is known to affect all vertebrates, including humans. Nowadays, research shows that albinism is associated with a number of vision defects, such as photophobia, nystagmus and astigmatism. What was worse, lacking skin pigmentation makes for more susceptibility to sunburn and skin cancers. As one of the most important research fields of human life, albinism is of great attractions to researchers.


    In this special issue, we intend to invite front-line researchers and authors to submit original researches and review articles on exploring albinism. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:


    • Classification of albinism
    • Clinical symptoms of albinism
    • Precaution method
    • Diagnosis and therapy of albinism
    • Limitation of therapy
    • Diseases caused by intermarriage


    Authors should read over the journal’s Authors’ Guidelines carefully before submission. Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript through the journal at Paper Submission System.


    Please kindly notice that the Special Issueunder your manuscript title is supposed to be specified and the research field “Special Issue - Albinism” should be chosen during your submission.


    According to the following timetable:


    Manuscript Due

    June 11th, 2014

    Publication Date

    August 2014


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