Synthesis and Molecular Structures of Two Novel π-Conjugation Extended Dithia[3.3]metacyclophanes

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Two novel dithia[3.3]metacyclophanes substituted with ethynyl groups were synthesized as small-sized metacyclophanes from the corresponding brominated dithia-metacyclophanes via C-C bond formation reaction. These compounds were characterized by using 1H NMR, mass spectrometry and elemental analyses. The exact structures were determined by using X-ray diffraction analyses. X-ray diffraction analysis results revealed that these compounds have anti conformations because of existence of intermolecular π-π interaction and some short contacts in the crystal. The long wavelength fluorescence was observed for one of the compound having a pyrene moiety in solid state because of the existence of the intermolecular π-π interaction between two pyrene units.

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Moriguchi, T. , Yakeya, D. , Jalli, V. , Tsuge, A. and Yoza, K. (2017) Synthesis and Molecular Structures of Two Novel π-Conjugation Extended Dithia[3.3]metacyclophanes. Crystal Structure Theory and Applications, 6, 1-10. doi: 10.4236/csta.2017.61001.


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