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Study on Location of Wuhan Steel Logistics Distribution Center

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This paper studies the location of Wuhan steel logistics distribution center. First of all, according to Wuhan Iron and Steel Plant sales in Hunan Province and the relative position of the city, the transport costs are calculated from Wuhan Iron and Steel Plant to the demand point. We further analyze the necessity of establishing steel logistics distribution center, using the precise center of gravity to determine the actual location of the distribution center. After the establishment of distribution center, the total freight is reduced by 15.46 million yuan from Wuhan Iron and Steel Plant to each city in Hunan province via distribution center each year. The results of this paper can provide theoretical basis for the logistics node planning of related enterprises.

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Yang, M. and Li, Z. (2016) Study on Location of Wuhan Steel Logistics Distribution Center. Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 6, 938-943. doi: 10.4236/ojapps.2016.613079.


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