An Experimental Study of the Atmospheric Oxidation of a Biogenic Organic Compound (Methyl Jasmonate) in a Thin Water Film as in Fog or Aerosols

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Experiments on the reactions of OH radicals in thin films of water were conducted in a photochemical reactor. The OH radical reactivity of a biogenic molecule (methyl jasmonate) was observed to be much larger in thin films of water than in the bulk aqueous phase. The pseudo-first order reaction rate was enhanced by an order of magnitude on a 38-micron film compared to the bulk liquid. However, the first order rate constant increased by 349%. This has implications in atmospheric systems like fog and mist which have large specific surface areas. The enhanced reactivity is attributable to both the partial solvation and faster diffusion at the air-water interface compared to the bulk liquid.

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Heath, A. and Valsaraj, K. (2017) An Experimental Study of the Atmospheric Oxidation of a Biogenic Organic Compound (Methyl Jasmonate) in a Thin Water Film as in Fog or Aerosols. Open Journal of Air Pollution, 6, 44-51. doi: 10.4236/ojap.2017.62004.


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