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Volume 7, Issue 8 (August 2017)

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Male Infertility as a Circumstance of Discovery of Adult Cryptorchidism: A Retrospective Analysis from the Region of Thies

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Introduction: The aim of this work is to study the clinical aspects and the impact of cryptorchidism on male infertility in the region of Thies. Patients and methods: This is a retrospective study involving 28 patients followed up at the Saint Jean de Dieu, Barthimée and Tivaouane hospitals of the region of Thies between January 2007 and December 2016. Results: Among the 223 patients followed up for the undescended testicle, 13% (n = 28) were adults or at least 15 years old. 71% (n = 20) were married. Fourteen patients were followed up for primary infertility lasting for a period of time averaging 7 years. The mean age of the patients was 28 years (range: 17 years and 45 years). Cryptorchidism was unilateral in 82% (n = 23) and bilateral in 18% (n = 5). The mean delay of consultation varied from 1 to 13 years. The main reason for consultation was couple infertility (50%). The semen analysis was requested in all our patients. The levels of FSH, LH and testosterone were measured by immunoassay for the patients with azoospermia (n = 9). We noticed 2 cases of hypotestosteronemia and 3 cases of increased FSH serum level. Computed Tomography scans (CT) were performed in 28.5% of patients (n = 8) and ectopic testicles were found very high in the inguinal area in 5 cases. The open inguinal approach was used. In perioperative period, the testicle was found, high in the inguinal region in 5 patients (17.8% of the cases) and low in inguinal region in 19 patients (67.8%). In 4 cases the testicle was in abdominal position. The testicle was atrophied in 53.5% of the patients (n = 15) and 8 patients presented testicular hypotrophy. An orchidectomy was performed in 1 patient in whom it was impossible to lower the atrophied testicle. The postoperative period was uneventful and simple. The mean follow-up duration after the operation was 36 months (12 - 60 months).

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Diallo, Y. , Diallo, M. , Kouka, S. , Leloua, A. , Diame, A. , Faye, M. , Phiri, A. and Sylla, C. (2017) Male Infertility as a Circumstance of Discovery of Adult Cryptorchidism: A Retrospective Analysis from the Region of Thies. Open Journal of Urology, 7, 124-130. doi: 10.4236/oju.2017.78015.

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