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Dr. Jay R. Elliott

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Whitney Humanities Center 

Yale University, USA

Email: jayrussellelliott@gmail.com


2010 Ph.D., University of Chicago, USA

2000 B.A., New York University, USA

Publications (Selected)

  1. Jay R. Elliott , Nature as Mind and as World(with response by John McDowell) in Anne Le Goff and Christophe Al-Saleh, eds., Lire l’esprit et le monde (Paris : Vrin, forthcoming 2012).
  2. Jay R. Elliott, Stag Hunts and Committee Work: Cooperation and the Mutualistic Paradigm, Review of Philosophy and Psychology 2 (2011) 245-260.
  3. Jay R. Elliott, Austin and Frege: Unum Verum Bonum:, in Sandra Laugier and Christophe Al-Saleh, eds., John L. Austin et la philosophie du langage ordinaire (Hildesheim: Olms, 2011).
  4. Jay R. Elliott, Ethics and Nature, Revue de Metaphysique et de Morale 114 (2006) 321-334.